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Welcome to your Sophomore Year!!! Your first year in high school is now history. The sophomore year offers you a new opportunity to accomplish the many things which you wanted to do as a freshmen. If you were not satisfied with your grades, you can improve them. Your sophomore year will be a year in which you become more active academically and socially, a year when you continue to make plans for the future, and a year that will bring more challenges and excitement.


We understand that high school can be tedious. However it is important to stay focused and maintain goals. Work hard to keep up your grades. Grades and class rank are a key factor in college admissions. If you need help, make sure you talk to your teacher and counselor. Take a look at these online resources to help you study and review important concepts.

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It is not too early to begin thinking about college planning. From a college admissions point of view, Sophomore year is one of the most important years. Now is the time to explore colleges and majors.  Assume you’ll need SAT/ACT scores when you apply to college — odds are good that most schools will return to requiring the tests!
Take the PSAT 10 if your school offers it —this is a great chance to calibrate your prep for the PSAT/NMSQT next year. Continue to earn great grades in rigorous classes If nothing else, pick up a good book and read!!! Enhancing your reading skills will not only help you on college entrance exams, but also prepare you for success in college.

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